-Vote Incumbent Congress Out

-Jews, Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God

- What about Congress Speding, how much of your paycheck goes to the government?

- It is Time to End Pulic School Financing

- McCarthyism on the Right?

- Illegal Immigration

- And Union for All

- Want to Know Why Your Relationships Fail

- Made to Behave

- Separation of Church and State

- Truth in Advertising

- Be Proud of Your Interest Rate

- Kidnapping is Kidnapping Even in Haiti





Educated in the sciences, Paxton Sawyer has long been interested in politics and current events. An avid history reader and researcher, Mr. Sawyer began writing and speaking on politic, public and religious issues in 2001. Not a reactionary or a liberal, Mr. Paxton writes about common sense, out of the normal political genre ideas to offer rational solutions to political, social and religious arguments. Mr. Sawyer has testified before the legislature and the senate in the State of Texas.

An uncommon approach to solving issues. No blame, no finger pointing, just thoughtful explorations of the possibilities of making the world a better place.

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