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What to do about the Congress

I just read an article that expressed that Congress is not likely to take any meaningful action between now and the mid term elections. That is probably a good thing. After all, no mans life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session. But what the article doesn’t say is more interesting.

What the article says is that Congress is not expected to act to spend more of your money until after the election. What the article did not say was that Congress will go right back to spending your money after the election.

But Congress will go right back to spending your money as soon as it convenes after the election.

It is amazing that the only budget that ever needs cutting is our budgets. The federal government can never find anyway to cut their spending but they can always find that you and I have too much money.

Congress is also modest enough to freely admit that they know how to spend your money and you are incompetent to spend your money wisely.

There is a way to stop this. And it wouldn’t take long. Every time every employee gets paid, the employee must pay, in cash, every tax and every benefit that is a part of his pay. (The male noun or pronoun is used for ease and without consideration of gender.) He must hand over his income tax deduction, both halves of his FICA tax, his insurance premium, IRA contribution and every other tax or deduction from his pay. Then, the employer would pay the employee all the money that makes up the actual cost to the business of the employee. I will guarantee you that most people have no idea how much money a business spends to employ them. The employee does not know because the government does not want the employee to know. The average person would be outraged if they know how much money they actually made instead of how much money they currently get to take home.

Companies who provide financing learned this. They don’t emphasize to you that if you finance $20,000 to pay for your new automobile you will spend $40,000 in total payments. They tell you that you for your monthly payment is only $667 per month. Six hundred and sixty seven dollars a month is not bad. Forty thousand dollars might shock you. Most people are not concerned that the minimum payment on a credit card debt of $5,000 is $110 per month. But, after 20 years of paying $110 per month and the debt is still $5,000, do people realize that they have spent $26,400 to carry that $5,000 debt? This is how poor people remain poor.

We live in a country where the government is supposed to act openly and honestly. In that spirit, let the American people know exactly how much money government enforced programs are costing them.

That will slow government spending really quickly.

Copyright© September 12, 2010
By: Paxton Sawyer
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