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Joseph and the Nanny State

Vote Incumbent Congressment Out


In the story from the Bible, Pharaoh had a dream. Seven fat cows were eaten by seven lean cows. Pharaoh called for his slave Joseph as Joseph interpreted dreams. Joseph explained that there would be seven good years followed by seven bad years. The excess crops produced during the seven good years should be saved so that there would be food for the seven bad years. Pharaoh had a wise counselor who told him to save food for the bad times. Joseph was praised by Pharaoh and throughout the land for his wisdom in saving the country during the hard times.

We don’t have Joseph.

We have Congress.

During the good economic times, Congress does not save money to see us through the hard times. Hard economic times always come. They always have and they always will.

Instead of having the wisdom to save during the good economic times, Congress spends more money than the government takes in and creates debt. Congress deems that it is better to create a “nanny” state so that people come to depend on the government. Congress persons believe that people who are dependant on the government for money and services will tend to keep voting for those who give them money and who provide services.

But, look what happens. During the good years, Congress creates more and more programs to give more and more people money. Congress gives tax breaks to corporations and even gives them tax incentives to move jobs overseas since other nations should benefit from our prosperity. In taking care of everyone at the expense of the tax payers who are greedy and who do not know how to spend their money properly, Congress runs our country into debt. And who is responsible for repaying the debt that Congress creates? The people responsible for repaying the debt are the same greedy tax payers who do not know how to spend their money properly.

That is an interesting concept. Those who know how to handle our money correctly always want more and more of our money and they have no problems, as they are wise in the use and spending of money, in creating more and more debt that you and I will have to repay.

I sure wish that I could spend like Congress does and that, like Congress, I could make other people responsible for paying my debts.

Think about that the next time you vote for an incumbent.

Then, when the lean times come, what programs must be cut in order for the country to survive? Look at what is happening in Great Britain today. Students are rioting over proposed increases in college tuition. Under the proposed increase in college tuitions, a student in England would borrow money from the current taxpayers to pay for college. It would then take the student 26 years to repay those loans. The students say that this is unfair.

What is and always has been unfair is taxpayers providing loans for kids to go to college.

In the old days, it was possible for kids to work and to pay their way through college. I know that to be true. I did it. So did my sister.

Today, since the government funds college education, kids get loans and colleges raise tuition and fees. If colleges could only exists on the tuition and fees of working students, the tuition and fees would not be so high. If mommy and daddy had been responsible and had saved money for junior’s college education, you can bet that mommy and daddy would be demanding lower tuition and fees.

So what your Congress meant to be a good thing ends up being a bad thing.

So it is in all cases. Congress takes our money to create problems and then takes more of our money to pay for their mistakes.

And Congress never quits spending and it never gets rid of programs and bureaucracies that are not needed or that are not working. The late comedian Buddy Hackett once noted that the closest thing to eternal life that we may ever know is a government bureaucracy.

We need a Congress that is wise. Not a Congress that spends money on anything and everything. So long as Congress persons believe that they keep their power by spending our money, Congress will never stop spending.

The only way to break that cycle is to vote out all incumbents.

So vote all of them out. Make it your purpose to never vote for an incumbent again. No matter your personal cause or crusade. Vote all incumbents out.


By: Paxton Sawyer

Copyright© 2010

All Rights Reserved.







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