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This is a remarkably simple issue. Are we a nation? Are we a nation of laws? If so, then illegal immigration is illegal.

In case you don’t know, we are not a nation. The first, absolute first, responsibility of a nation is to maintain its sovereignty. A nation that has no control over its borders is not a sovereign state. It is a state open to invasion. And we, particularly those of us who live along the border with Mexico, have been invaded by a foreign people who have ideas of government different from our own. Unless we move to take back the autonomy of our nation, we will have no nation left.

We are also not a nation of laws. A nation of laws applies its laws EQUALLY to all citizens and non citizens. It is undeniable that laws are not equally applied. The application of laws against a person depends greatly on the person’s wealth and skin color. A black man running a gambling parlor may get 20 years in a state prison where he is subject to being raped, beaten and murdered. A white man who made millions on illegal Ponzi schemes may get a few months in a federal country club.

There are laws that a person is required to follow to become a citizen. If those laws are not enforced against the people who break them, what laws can be enforced against me? And if laws are enforced against me, or you, while others are not punished for breaking our laws, that is unequal and unfair.

I know what many of you think. You think that I’m just a racist. That’s OK. I won’t try to persuade you otherwise. Since you can only hide behind calling other people names you haven’t the mental ability to enter into an intelligent discourse on the issue anyway.

For those of you who are for amnesty, were you not also the people who used to cry out for equal justice? Don’t you storm the courthouses when you think someone has been wrongfully accused, persecuted or physically abused by some law enforcement officer? Don’t you cry out that all people should be treated equally?

If so, then you need to get to the basis of equal treatment by our government. Very few laws should ever be passed that control human conduct. All laws that are passed should be applied uniformly to all citizens and non citizens regardless of wealth, political campaign donations, social status, skin color, sexual preferences or anything else. That is fair and reasonable.

If you or anyone else can break our laws and not only get away with it but; be possibly rewarded for it by a grant of amnesty, then I want the same privilege. If our government does not prosecute all those who break our laws, then our government cannot and should not prosecute anyone who breaks our laws. Our government should be dissolved, a new Constitution written and new laws written. Thomas Jefferson thought that should happen every so often anyway.

If our government is not going to enforce a law, the law never should have been written. If our government can decide what laws it chooses to enforce, then I can decide what laws I have to follow. In this country, unlike any other country, the government is not considered to be superior to the person. Our government is supposed to operate with the consent of the governed. I do not consent to the unequal application of laws against anyone for any reason.

I completely agree that all incumbent politicians should be voted out, regardless of party affiliation. All people should be required to read George Washington’s Farewell Address where he warned us about the dangers of a two party system. For all those warnings have come true. Politicians are loyal to their party first, themselves second and the welfare of the country comes way down the list these days.

If you are really and truly for equality, then you have to be against illegal immigration. Call, write or email your senators and your congress person. Tell them to deport all persons who are in this country illegally regardless of national origin or skin tone, enact a guest worker program and to secure our borders.


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