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It’s Time to End Public Financing for Schools


The public funding for schools for the education of children was based on the premise that educating the youth of this country was a benefit for the welfare of the country. The education of the children would provide a return for the investment made by the money confiscated from the taxpayers. In most places, particularly in large cities, schools do not educate our youth. The schools have failed to uphold their end of the contract. Public financing of schools should end now.

Children in large school district learn to join gangs, to spray paint walls and structures, to commit crimes, to get pregnant, to have babies and to drop out of school. They do not learn reading, writing and arithmetic. There is no discipline in the schools. Truancy laws are not enforced. Teachers are not paid a decent wage. Teachers are not given the resources or encouragement they need to teach. Teachers are not supported when they complain about the violence and misbehavior of the children or teenagers. Teachers have been physically assaulted by students and the teachers have been threatened with firing if they took any action against the student. Administrators add layers of administrators who do nothing to assist in the education of the young. New school buildings are constructed or old school buildings are renovated and the students damage or destroy them. Illegal immigrant children are taught in their native language so that they cannot become mainstreamed into our society.

And our taxes keep going up. And, every time there is a budget shortfall in any city, what is the first thing that our less than noble politicians say has to be cut? School budgets, police protection and fire departments. There is never any “fat” or graft in the city budget. The “fat” is always in the checking accounts of the citizens. Threaten to cut anything for the kids and get the emotional reaction for the parents. It works every time. No programs or graft is ever cut by our politicians. We just agree to have our taxes raised and we never demand any performance standards from our schools.

So, do away with taxes for schools. Change the system. Each child in this country must attend school from kindergarten through the 12 th grade. They must graduate from high school. No matter how many years it takes them. Get off the idea that all children must go to college. We need more mechanics much more than we need more lawyers. For funding, the parents must pay $1,000 per child per semester. If the parents cannot pay, confiscate their property. If the child misbehaves, joins a gang or interferes with other children learning, the parents are fined. If a teenaged girl has a baby that needs daycare, the girl’s family and the father of the baby or his parents must jointly and equally pay for the daycare for the baby. You won’t have many discipline problems at school under this program.

The system isn’t working like it is. So change it. If this doesn’t work, change it again. If you are going to take money from me to educate children, educate the children. If you cannot uphold your end of this deal, don’t expect me to uphold mine.


Copyright© 2010
By: Paxton Sawyer
All Rights Reserved.




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